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Krkal 2 is a puzzle action top-down game. You control one of three characters and try to find your way through a maze, which is full of various traps and obstacles.

You will need quick fingers, as well as a sharp mind, since in later levels the game gets hard!

Levels are built from many (50!) various elements and objects, which
influence each other, and you as well. You will move stones, slide on ice, avoid mines, properly set various switches, wonder through mazes and maybe rearrange signs for traffic monsters...

The story of the game is about a group of adventurers who are going on a journey into the dangerous world of Labyrinth. Will they discover the ancient civilization that built the Labyrinth? Will they get to know the secrets of the Labyrinth? Will they make their wishes come true? Or they will never come back like most of their predecessors?

Our inspirations were games such as Robbo, Boulder Dash (Supaplex), or Sokoban, and despite this Krkal looks different; in each level you can expect something new, original. You see everything clearly from an overhead view and the game also offers quality graphics and music. Important part is also a level editor.

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Krkal 2.5 - 20th anniversary edition 19 MB

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